Itchy Techtonics


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Divergent Dubstep mastermind Editor is back with a new release, Itchy Techtonics. The EP combines elements of the Bitscene, Hyphy Hip-hop and Bro-step with an organic dub and funk backbone, crafted into dance floor bangers for your DJing pleasure. The first track, What the Bleep is a colossal Bro-step number with an 8bit twist. Backed up with some effectively crafted and topical vocal samples this tune is sure to get you jumping so be prepared for a face warping bass drop. Get Wavey begins with a typically Snoop style melodic synth and Hyphy style 808 beat before crashing down like a tsunami enveloping all in its wake; the perfect tune to get “wavey” to on the dance floor. The description is in the name for the closing track Deadly Swagga (deadly being the indigenous Australian word for awesome). Sit back and chill out to Editor’s trademark dubs shining through once again, alongside a rattling sub bass line and watery samples taking you to a tropical glitch paradise. This release shows original style pushed to new boundaries whilst maintaining the deep and unique qualities that put Editor on the map.
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